The Four Corners Short Films

After returning from my recent trip to the The Four Corners region in the US where I held a Photographic Workshop, I decided to put together a short slideshow.  This project has since grown and now comprises three short films made from the photographs that I took over my two trips in the autumn of 2010 and the spring of 2011.

I intend to burn a Blu-ray disc for home use to watch in high quality (1080p) on a home-entertainment system, but for internet use, I still wanted the films to have an impact.  I’ve transcoded them to 720p format and reasonably high resolution, so the file sizes are pretty large ~100MB or so, please be patient when downloading.


On my web-browser, Apple’s ‘Quicktime’ was the default player, unfortunately at least on a ‘Windows’ machine, there seems to be a significant delay in the audio stream which detracts from what I have intended in the movies.  I’ve downloaded and installed the excellent VLC Media Player that is free from here, it plays most, if not all movie formats and I highly recommend it.

The Movies

You’ll need sound, the louder the better!


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