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A Day of Creative Photography with Gavin Hoey . . . 15 June 2014

A Day of Creative Photography with Gavin Hoey  .  .  .  15 June 2014

A day of lectures entitled ‘Camera Shake-Up’ by Gavin Hoey has been jointly organized by the RPS Digital Imaging Eastern Centre and the East Anglia Region.  An extremely popular and exciting seminar on a mix of photography and post-processing with videos and live shoots.

Gavin aims to educate, inspire and entertain us!  Get details of the event from the RPS website here, or download the PDF Flyer here.


Yosemite Spring 2014 Travelogue

Yosemite Spring 2014 Travelogue

After a heavy week of presentations and meetings in Silicon Valley I decided to head out to Yosemite National Park for a well-earned break.  I’d not been to Yosemite at this time of year before, so I hoped to find a range of Spring flowers, Spring occurring later at higher altitudes put this into doubt!  Additionally, the snow-pack for this year was only 25% of normal and so I was worried that the waterfalls would not be as full.

This blog entry is intended to be a travelogue of this trip taken in the spring of 2014.  This post has been paraphrased from the original text posted during the visit using very patchy Wi-Fi connectivity. Read more...