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Backup of Images to the Cloud

Backup of Images to the Cloud

I started to look at cloud backup systems about a year ago, and decided as I had a large amount of data, that it was all too much trouble!  I have amassed about a terabyte of images and so the initial backup would take many months to upload to the cloud; even with BT Infinity broadband.

More recently, someone locally was burgled and the thief stole a laptop which contained the family’s photos and memories, this got me concerned again and so I decided to do something about saving my own valuable files.


A Day of Creative Photography with Gavin Hoey . . . 15 June 2014

A Day of Creative Photography with Gavin Hoey  .  .  .  15 June 2014

A day of lectures entitled ‘Camera Shake-Up’ by Gavin Hoey has been jointly organized by the RPS Digital Imaging Eastern Centre and the East Anglia Region.  An extremely popular and exciting seminar on a mix of photography and post-processing with videos and live shoots.

Gavin aims to educate, inspire and entertain us!  Get details of the event from the RPS website here, or download the PDF Flyer here.


Yosemite Spring 2014 Travelogue

Yosemite Spring 2014 Travelogue

After a heavy week of presentations and meetings in Silicon Valley I decided to head out to Yosemite National Park for a well-earned break.  I’d not been to Yosemite at this time of year before, so I hoped to find a range of Spring flowers, Spring occurring later at higher altitudes put this into doubt!  Additionally, the snow-pack for this year was only 25% of normal and so I was worried that the waterfalls would not be as full.

This blog entry is intended to be a travelogue of this trip taken in the spring of 2014.  This post has been paraphrased from the original text posted during the visit using very patchy Wi-Fi connectivity. Read more...

A Day of Creative Photography with Viveca Koh . . . 30 March 2014

2014 Mar 30 DIGEC Flyer V1 header 460

Two lectures by Viveca Koh have been organized by the RPS Digital Imaging Eastern Centre.

Viveca is a self-taught fine-art photographer who sees potential images everywhere and often of things that many seem to pass by.  Her passions include abandoned buildings and the minutiae that collect in hidden corners. Read more...

RPS Digital Projected Image Competition 2013

This year, I decided to enter the annual Projected Image competition held by the Digital Imaging Group of the RPS; there were two categories, ‘Open’ and ‘Creative’.  As usual the standard was very high with 159 entrants submitting 463 images in the ‘Open’ category and 312 images in the ‘Creative’ category.

You can download a slideshow of the accepted images here from 2012.  I’ll update this link when the results and judging panel from this year’s competition are published.

These were my ‘Creative‘ submissions (click on them to enlarge); they were placed 249th, 249th and 187th out of 312, I guess they didn’t like them much!

These three entries were my submission for the ‘Open‘ category, these were placed somewhat better at 9th, 200th and 200th out of 463.  I am extremely pleased with my 9th place for ‘Dormant Passion‘. Read more...