Bronica ETR Si

For Sale – Highly Collectable and Very Rare

_X5A9584This item is a highly collectable and very rare Bronica ETR Si camera kit to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Fox Talbot and photography.

The items for sale are the Fox Talbot 150th Anniversary Special Edition Kit plus many additional items listed below.  Due to the prestige and large number of items, I decided to put this page together with a series of photographs to better show what is on offer.  This is an amazing kit and needs to be seen, either in a museum or out in the field being used.  If you have any questions please leave a comment and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

_X5A9593The William Fox Talbot 150th Anniversary Special Edition ETR Si was launched in 1990, this particular kit is the 18th out of a total production run of just 150.  It includes a standard black polycarbonate ETR Si body with gold commemorative plate below the shutter speed dial.  All equipment, including three lenses and extras, came in a Billingham Hard Equipment Case.

I’ve seen this camera for sale a few times on Amazon and eBay, but never with the full three lens kit and the original Billingham case.  This is the complete Edition, and, to my mind, should be in a museum.


_X5A9597Items included in the Special Edition Kit:

Additional Items also Included:

_X5A9591_X5A9592 _X5A9590

_X5A9603The Billingham wooden case measures 21″ x 15″ x 7″ and weighs 10 kg with all items of the kit present.  The case was especially commissioned and hand crafted by Billingham and the exterior is covered with a black fabric and finished with tan leather corners and straps.  A green pre-cut foam insert holds the Bronica & Metz flash equipment safely.  The case lid is fully lined and padded with three pockets to hold the original manuals.  The case has a removable dust proof cover which it has been stored in.

This truly is a collectors piece, when the lenses were made, not only do they have the usual serial number engraved on the cover ring, but the text ’18/150′ is also engraved next to the serial number; only 150 of these kits were ever made.

For more information and history of this kit please refer to my blog entry.

Condition of Items:

These descriptions are accurate to the best of our belief and knowledge.  All of the photographs in this article and the blog are of the equipment being sold, if you need further information please send a comment.

Guide Price:

I’m posting this article on behalf of a friend and she is looking for offers around £700 for this highly collectable and very rare special edition kit with additional items.  This equipment would suit a museum or collector, or perhaps a student studying photography that needs experience with film and especially the artistic benefits that film and medium format offers.  It would also suit the hardened photographer that likes to experiment or just wants to own something ‘special’.

More Images:

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  • Sidney says:
    May 29, 2017 at 10:40 am

    Hello I’m highly interested on buying this camera please get back to me asap


    • Les says:
      June 1, 2017 at 4:43 pm

      Hi Sidney,
      Many thanks for your interest, but unfortunately I managed to sell the Bronica kit on Ebay.
      Kind regards,


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