Portfolio / Photography

Dark Phase

My photography is going through a bit of a dark phase at the moment! A selection of moody low-key images.

Painted Russia

A departure from main-stream 'photography', an artist should do what they love. This panel of images is my exploration showing, in a stronger sense than what you are perhaps used to, my visulisation of that scene.

Desert in Colour

During the months of April to May, the desert springs to life again with many wild flowers and succulents providing colourful displays.


We have a well equipped studio including three high power studio flash heads with soft boxes, umbrellas and infinity screens etc. We would be happy to quote for your product photography.

Mini Cards

A set of images which I've had printed onto small business cards, each card has a unique image which makes them rather special. These images are also suitable for website designs such as headers or banners.

Successful RPS 'L' Panel

On 20th January 2011, I was awarded the Licentiateship Distinction by the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS).