Four corners

The Four Corners Short Films

The Four Corners Short Films

After returning from my recent trip to the The Four Corners region in the US where I held a Photographic Workshop, I decided to put together a short slideshow.  This project has since grown and now comprises three short films made from the photographs that I took over my two trips in the autumn of 2010 and the spring of 2011.

I intend to burn a Blu-ray disc for home use to watch in high quality (1080p) on a home-entertainment system, but for internet use, I still wanted the films to have an impact.  I’ve transcoded them to 720p format and reasonably high resolution, so the file sizes are pretty large ~100MB or so, please be patient when downloading.


On my web-browser, Apple’s ‘Quicktime’ was the default player, unfortunately at least on a ‘Windows’ machine, there seems to be a significant delay in the audio stream which detracts from what I have intended in the movies.  I’ve downloaded and installed the excellent VLC Media Player that is free from here, it plays most, if not all movie formats and I highly recommend it.

The Movies

You’ll need sound, the louder the better!


Spring Workshop 2011

Spring Workshop 2011

On 14 – 16th May 2011 I held a spring photographic workshop entitled “The Four Corners Adventure” in the US; based at Abajo Haven Guest Cabins, a small private ranch close to the town of Blanding, UT.

The town, which claims to be a ‘Base Camp to Adventure’ is well suited to our photographic workshops as the location is central to many of the National Parks, State Parks and Native American Reservations of the Dine (Navajo), Hopi and Ute Tribes. It is also very close to other ancient Puebloan sites which are only accessible with local knowledge.


Workshop Announced – “The Four Corners Adventure”

Workshop Announced – “The Four Corners Adventure”

Photography workshops on 14-16th May 2011

Held at a Private Ranch – Abajo Haven Guest Cabins

A small 3-day workshop in the Jurassic landscape of Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.  May is a beautiful time in this region, the Abajo Mountains coming alive with spring flowers and the desert temperatures are still bearable.

Our home-base is Abajo Haven Guest Cabins, a private ranch not too far from the town of Blanding, comprising a few log cabins with amazing views of the blue mountains.  Three full days of shooting are planned taking in the Arches National Park, Monument Valley on the Navajo Nation’s Reservation and where countless western style movies have been filmed, and Mesa Verde – home of the ancient Native American Puebloan culture.

On-location time is emphasized over classroom time, Les will conduct a short talk in the evening, or over lunch on the days when we get back late due to shooting the sunset.  The workshop should appeal to all levels of experience and the content of the talk is taylored to the participants needs and requests. Topics such as correct exposure for digital photography and the use of histograms, suitable camera settings such as color space and white balance are covered.  For the more experienced photographer we’ll be covering workflow, camera color profiling and the use of ND graduated filters.

Download the PDF flyer here.

More details here.