Imperial Exposure Meter

Meter and InstructionsI’ve had this little booklet in my drawer for a few years and decided to find out a little of its history.  In this modern age of digital photography where most of the thinking is done for us by the DIGIC6 or EXPEED4 processor, I think it is still beneficial to understand and remember the roots of photography.  At least for my own photographic journey, the more I learn and experience, the less of a reliance I have on the technology, I use manual modes more often, I turn off many features and I use single-point focusing.

This article describes the Imperial Exposure Meter; it is clear from the meter that one of the main problems photographers of 100 years ago had to endure was very insensitive plates.  They did however, have amazingly high resolution that even the new 50 mega-pixel Canon 5Ds cannot even come close.


RPS Digital Projected Image Competition 2013

This year, I decided to enter the annual Projected Image competition held by the Digital Imaging Group of the RPS; there were two categories, ‘Open’ and ‘Creative’.  As usual the standard was very high with 159 entrants submitting 463 images in the ‘Open’ category and 312 images in the ‘Creative’ category.

You can download a slideshow of the accepted images here from 2012.  I’ll update this link when the results and judging panel from this year’s competition are published.

These were my ‘Creative‘ submissions (click on them to enlarge); they were placed 249th, 249th and 187th out of 312, I guess they didn’t like them much!

These three entries were my submission for the ‘Open‘ category, these were placed somewhat better at 9th, 200th and 200th out of 463.  I am extremely pleased with my 9th place for ‘Dormant Passion‘. Read more...

Studio Workshop Update

Studio Workshop Update

On Sunday 12th May 2013, I attended a one-day studio workshop which I helped to organise for the Digital Imaging Eastern Centre of the RPS.  The speaker was the renowned MaxOperandi (AKA Ian Parry); we had two lovely models for the day, Raffy and Amber with two separate studio setups so that the small group of photographers had plenty of time with each model.   One setup included a large white infinity screen for fine-art nude photography the other was configured as a portrait studio with a stool and various backdrops, my favourite being a speckled dark grey.  The equipment comprised several Bowen flash-heads, radio triggers and various lighting modifiers. Read more...

One Day Studio Workshop with Ian Parry – 12th May 2013

One Day Studio Workshop with Ian Parry – 12th May 2013

A one-day studio workshop covering all aspects of lighting, portrait and fine-art nude photography by Ian Parry (known as Max Operandi in the business) has been organized by the RPS Digital Imaging Eastern Centre.

Ian will go through lighting techniques using affordable equipment starting at the beginning.  There will be two studio setups and professional experienced models giving everybody who attends time to experiment with the photographic lighting setup and for each person to take some really excellent shots. Read more...

A Day of Creative Photography with Irene Froy – 10th June 2012

A Day of Creative Photography with Irene Froy – 10th June 2012

A day of lectures on creative photography by Irene Froy has been organized by the RPS Digital Imaging Eastern Centre.  Irene describes herself as a pictoral photographer, she lectures and judges throughout the country and exhibits internationally.  In recent years she has concentrated on interpreting the landscape and villages of France, Spain and Italy using delicate colour and soft images to convey the mood. Read more...